Apple leak! ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ no more

We already know quite a bit about the apparent iPhone 7. However, surprisingly, there are more rumors kept for us in store. According to a new report published on the Japanese site, Mac Otakara, Apple is planning on scrapping out the ‘iPhone 7 Pro’ from the range of models it manufactures.IPHONE 7 PRO

MacRumors explains the reason behind this. The iPhone 7 Pro was originally a backup model for when Apple was uncertain whether or not, they will be able to produce its new dual lens camera in sufficient quantities for the iPhone 7 Plus. This would have seen the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus share the same single lens camera while the iPhone 7 Pro was available in limited quantities with the upgraded optics.

However, manufacturing constraints around the dual lens camera have been supposedly resolved. Hence, the feature can easily be fitted into every iPhone 7 Plus.