ESET AV Remover: Completely Uninstall Antivirus Programs From Windows PC

Most of the antivirus and internet security software out there are easy to install and uninstall on computers running Windows operating system. While installing, we just need to click a couple of next buttons, and to get a program uninstalled, we simply need to navigate to Programs and Features, right-click on the antivirus or internet security program that we need to uninstall, click Uninstall option and then follow the simple on-screen instructions.

More often than not the aforementioned standard procedure works without any issues. If and when an antivirus program can’t be installed by the standard procedure, one can go for the official uninstall tool released by antivirus software developer.



Majority of the security software developers offer free software to thoroughly uninstall their security solutions from Windows computers. For instance, there is a tool called Kaspersky Lab Products Remover to completely uninstall Kaspersky products from Windows PCs.

ESET AV Remover for Windows

But if you’re using an antivirus solution on your PC and can’t find a dedicated software to completely uninstall the product from your PC, you should try out ESET AV Remover.

As the name indicates, ESET AV Remover is a free tool developed to completely uninstall antivirus software from Windows PCs. The beauty of ESET AV Remover is that it can be used to uninstall not just ESET antivirus programs but also security solutions from other developers.



Supported antivirus and internet security software

ESET AV Remover supports a wide range of antivirus, internet security and malware removal tools from popular and lesser-known developers. With ESET AV Remover, you can uninstall over 120 products fromKaspersky, Malwarebytes, McAfee, AVG, Avast Antivirs, 360 Total Security, K7 Computing, GData software, F-Secure, ESET (obviously), Bitdefender, Avira, Symantec, TrustPort and Trend Micro.



ESET AV Remover is a standalone program and easy to use. After downloading and running the software, click Continue button to view all installed security products, select the antivirus program that you would like to uninstall, and then click Remove button.



When you see the confirmation box, click Remove button again to begin uninstalling the selected antivirus program from your Windows PC. As simple as that!

Download ESET AV Remover

Note that there is a separate version of AV Remover for x64 version of Windows. Be sure to download the right version to avoid having issues while removing antivirus software. ESET AV Remover can be run on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, and the new Windows 10.

We tried ESET AV Remover on Windows 10 to uninstall Avast Free Antivirus and can confirm that this tool actually works. All-in-all, ESET AV Remover, like any other software from ESET, is a fantastic piece of software for Windows.

Visit the following page to see all supported antivirus products and download the software.

Download ESET AV Remover