How To Make Cortana Use Google Instead Of Bing

One of the highlights of the recently released Windows 10 operating system is Cortana. For those unfamiliar, Cortana is a digital personal assistant from Microsoft, like Siri for iOS. With Cortana, you can find files on your PC, search the web, manage your calendar, set a reminder, and more.

While Cortana is currently available in select countries only, the feature will be available in more countries before the end of this year.


You may have noticed, whenever you search the web using Cortana or the search box on the taskbar (if you have turned off Cortana or searching from regions where Cortana is not available), the Cortana uses Microsoft’s own Bing search engine to search the web. While Bing search has evolved over the years, it doesn’t perform as accurately as Google, especially outside the U.S.

Use Google with Cortana

If you prefer Google search over Bing and want to force Cortana or the taskbar search box to use Google search instead of the default Bing search, there are a couple of ways out there.

We have already covered two methods to enable Google search in Windows 10’s taskbar search box by using Chrome browser with an extension or by installing the Firefox 44 nightly build. This time around, we would like to share a Firefox extension to make Cortana use Google instead of Bing search in Windows 10.


Bing-Google is a simple Firefox extension designed to make Cortana use Google instead of Bing in Windows 10. The extension makes it possible by redirecting searches performed with Cortana from the default Bing to Google.

The extension redirects everything that you search using Bing to Google, meaning even if you search for something on Bing in your browser, the extension will automatically redirect the search from Bing to Google.

Since this extension supports only Firefox, you must have installed Firefox on your Windows 10 computer in order to install and use the extension.

Making Cortana use Google instead of Bing is very easy. All you need to do is, visit this page in your Firefox browser, click Add to Firefox, and then click Install Now button when you see Software Installation dialog to install the add-on.

Once Bing to Google add-on is installed, any searches made through Cortana or the taskbar search box will be automatically redirected from Bing to Google.

And if you prefer to use DuckDuckGo or any other search engine with Cortana, please use the instructions in our how to enable Google in Windows 10 taskbar search box guide (it’s actually for all search engines).