How to not get auto-charged for your Apple Music subscription

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So, you’ve gotten the three month trial subscription for Apple Music, right? How exciting!

Chances are, you’ll forget all about it and, whether you love the service or not, you’ll get auto-charged in September for the $10 to $15 you chose when you signed up for your Apple Music subscription.

If you want to make sure that you aren’t automatically charged again, here’s how to turn that function off.

IMG_2816-169x300Launch your Music app on your iPhone or iPad and tap on the little “Me” icon in the upper left. Next, tap on View Apple ID and enter your password.

Near the bottom of the screen, in the Subscriptions area, tap on Manage. You’ll get a screen with all your subscriptions through iTunes, including HBO Now, Newsstand magazines, and anything else you’re charged on a recurring basis for. Tap on Your Membership for Apple Music, and then toggle the Automatic Renewal to OFF.

You’ll get a little warning that reminds you that you won’t have access to your Apple Music after the expiration date, but don’t worry. You can always re-subscribe any time before (and probably after) your September 30 renewal date with a quick tap on the subscription model you want.

Via: Wall Street Journal