How To Remove Most Used List From Start Menu In Windows 10

Windows 10 finally gives us back the Start menu. In fact, the all-new Start menu is one of the top features of Windows 10. While the Start menu in Windows 10 is not similar to the one we are used to from Windows 7, it’s certainly better than the Start menu in Windows 7 or Vista in many ways.

Unlike the Start menu in previous Windows versions, the Start menu in Windows 10 is customizable. We canchange the default color of Start menu, remove existing live tiles and add new ones, expand the Start menu to accommodate space for new app shortcuts, launch a website directly from the Start search, pin our favorite programs for quick access, and more. And the search function not only allows you to get results from your PC but also from the internet with the help of Microsoft’s own Bing search.



With default settings, most used apps appear on the left-side of the Start to help users quickly access their favourite programs without having to navigate to All apps (All programs). Although this feature is quite useful to launch our favourite programs quickly and easily, you might want to remove Most used list and add new places like Downloads, Documents, Pictures, and Music in its place.



To remove an individual app from Most used list or configure Windows 10 to stop showing most used programs in the Start menu, complete the below mentioned directions.

NOTE: Remove Most used list or group from the Start menu or screen only if you plan to add new places to the Start. In my personal opinion, the Start menu looks weird without Most used list.

Method 1: To remove an individual app from Most used list

Method 2: To completely remove Most used list from Start

Method 1

To remove an individual app from the Most used list

Step 1: Open the Start menu either by clicking or tapping the Start button on the taskbar or pressing Windows logo key on the keyboard.

Step 2: Right-click (tap and hold on touch screen) on the app entry that you want to remove from Most used list, and then click or tap Don’t show in this list option.Remove-most-used-apps-from-Start-menu-Windows-10-picture2_thumb


That’s it!

Method 2

To completely remove Most used list from Start

Step 1: Open Settings app. To do so, you can use Windows + I keyboard shortcut or click the Settings app icon in the Start menu.



Step 2: Click or tap Personalization category to navigate to the same.



Step 3: On the left-side Personalization section, click or tap Start to see settings for Start.

Step 4: Now, on the right-side, under Customize list, turn off the option titled Store and display recently opened programs in Start. That’s it!



Most used apps will no longer appear on the Start menu or screen.

NOTE: To restore Most used list, follow the instructions mentioned in Step 1 to Step 4 and then turn on the option labelled Store and display recently opened programs in Start.

Do you plan to remove the Most used list from Start in Windows 10?