How To Remove Recently Added Group From Start Menu In Windows 10

About a week ago, we talked about removing most used group or list from the Start menu of Windows 10 by tweaking the default settings of Start. A user has asked us if it’s possible to stop Windows 10 from displaying recently installed programs in the Start menu.

In Windows 10, with default settings, when you install a new Windows app or traditional desktop program, it appears in the Recently added list of Start menu. The feature displays only the most recently installed app and not all recently installed apps. For instance, if you install two apps one after another, the Recently added list only the last installed app. The feature allows you quickly launch the last installed app.


Although there is nothing wrong with this feature, many users find it not so useful as one can always use thesearch box on the taskbar to quickly launch the recently installed app. If you don’t use the feature, you can turn it off under Settings app.

In this guide, we will show how to configure Windows 10 to stop displaying recently installed apps in the Start menu.

Remove Recently Added Group From Start Menu

Method 1

Step 1: The first step is to open Settings app by clicking the Settings icon on the left-side of the Start menu. Alternatively, if you prefer using keyboard shortcuts, use Windows + I hotkey to launch Settings app.Remove-recently-added-group-from-Windows-10-Start-Menu-picture1_thumb



Step 2: Click Personalization category.



Step 3: On the left-side, click Start to see a bunch of Start settings on the right-side.Remove-recently-added-group-from-Windows-10-Start-Menu-picture2_thumb

Step 4: On the right-side, under Customize list section, turn off the option labelled Show the recently added apps group.




That’s it!