Apple gifting 9-month Apple Music subscription to retail employees

apple music

This season is turning out to be a good one for Apple’s retail employees, based solely on the gifts the company is handing out to those working in that area.

As initially reported by MacRumors, Apple is gifting something else to its retail employees around the world. Based on a video message delivered to employees by Apple’s own Eddy Cue, the Cupertino-based company will be handing out nine-month subscriptions to Apple Music to its retail employees as part of its annual gift-giving tradition.
The free subscription to Apple Music, for nine months, has a retail price of $90, so it’s certainly a nice bonus. Couple that with Apple’s gift of UrBeats headphones, which are also priced at $99, this is quite the month for Apple’s gift giving ways.

Of course, handing out Apple Music subscriptions to its retail employees, many of which can oftentimes show off the feature in retail stores, makes sense so that they can get familiar with the service without having to pay into it.