How To Make Windows 10 Start Menu Open Faster

Microsoft introduced a close to perfect Start menu in Windows 10. The new Start menu comprises best features of Windows 7’s Start menu as well as new features introduced with the previously launched Windows 8/8.1.

The Start menu in Windows 10 is not just to launch programs apps and search your PC, it’s also capable of searching the web right from the desktop. Besides that, you can enable live tiles for apps (only apps that support the feature) on the Start screen to view information in real time.


Although the Start menu is close to perfect and is definitely better than its predecessors, a number of users have complaints about this new feature.


Ever since the release of Windows 10, we have seen a number of users complaining that the new Start menu is a bit slower compared to the Start menu in previous versions of Windows. Many users want to see the Start menu as soon as they click the Start button or press Windows logo key on the keyboard, without any delay.

Why Start menu is slow?

With default settings, the Start menu in Windows 10 opens almost instantly but if you’re are feeling that it launches slower, it’s because of the animation. Trust me, you can make the Start menu open faster (or at least, you will feel so) by disabling minimizing and maximizing animations in Windows 10.

As said before, you will need to disable only a single animation to make the Start menu open faster and it won’t affect the overall visual appearance of the operating system. Luckily, the animation can be disabled without opening Registry or using third-party software.

Make Start menu launch faster in Windows 10

So, here is how to make Start menu faster in Windows 10 by disabling an animation.

Step 1: Simultaneously press Windows logo and R keys to open up the Run command box.

Step 2: In the Run command box, type Sysdm.cpl and then press Enter key to open System Properties dialog.


Step 3: From the default General tab, switch to the Advanced tab by clicking the same.Make-Start-menu-faster-in-Windows-10-pic3_thumb


Step 4: Here, under Performance section, click Settings button to open Performance Options dialog.Make-Start-menu-faster-in-Windows-10-pic4_thumb



Step 5: Under the Visual Effects tab, you will see list of visual effects for various Windows features. To make the Start menu open faster, uncheck the option titled Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing, and then click Apply button.



Click the Start button or press the Windows logo key to see the faster Start menu!

Needless to say, once you disable the above mentioned animation, you will not see any animation while minimizing and maximizing windows. All other animations will continue to work without any issues.