Linsyn SEO 22 Free Marketing Podcasts to Keep Your Skills Sharp

Marketing has been essential ever since consumer products existed. Today, marketers can make a median income of over $112,000 and work in a field that is expanding at a rate of 12%.1 Naturally, the demand for this skill has spawned a myriad of experts who talk about marketing online via free podcasts you can stream or download. Which ones are worth your time though? Which ones are about the subject you want advice and insight on? Which ones are about SEO, email marketing, social media, or marketing in general? We’ve saved you the time searching since you can look here for the best marketing podcasts on the web!microphone-for-podcasting

Marketing in General

Marketing Smarts Podcast by Marketing Profsl

Marketing Profs is a great place to take online courses for marketing education so it makes sense that they would have a stellar podcast to offer. Marketing Smarts consistently has on high-profile guests including ones we have written about such as Mari Smith and Ann Handley. They have various experienced marketers as hosts who talk about every conceivable issue in the field.

Marketing Over Coffee

Hosts John Wall and Christopher Penn take their title to heart by recording in a local coffee shop every week and publishing their podcasts on Thursday morning when everyone is loading up on caffeine to get them through the rest of the day. They focus on a wide range of marketing subjects including social media, SEO, email marketing, and “old school” or offline marketing. Famous marketing gurus and social media experts like Seth Godin, and Chris Brogan have praised this podcast!

The Bean Cast

Continuing with the coffee theme, here is another acclaimed podcast that will start your day and your week. Host Bob Knorpp is part of a marketing team that has worked with Visa, FX, and Activision! He consistently has panels of professionals on his show in order to discuss topics and trends such as Native Advertising, shortcomings in Facebook advertising, brand apologies, and more.

Six Pixels of Separation by Twist Image

This podcast has excellent guests such as the aforementioned Chris Brogan. Twist Image publishes 2 podcasts each week on average which dwarfs the standard weekly content from most podcasts. The president of Twist Image, Mitch Joel, takes time out of his busy schedule to discuss various marketing topics with a bit more of a company/corporate focus at times.

I Love Marketing Podcast with Dean Jackson and Joe Polish

Like the hosts on some of our earlier entries, Dean and Joe deliver what’s in their title by displaying their expertise, over 15 years of experience, and passion for marketing. They have on lots of different successful marketers as guests but also make sure to discuss general topics and trends in marketing by themselves.

The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast

Founder of Duct Tape Marketing and author John Jantsch and his associates deliver this weekly podcast designed to help small businesses improve their marketing or implement it in the first place. They also step into other topics on occasion.

Small Business Big Marketing

Host Timbo Reid may be from Australia but that doesn’t mean his marketing advice is any less valuable for people in the rest of the world. He does case studies on successful small businesses and their owners in order to make arguments that can apply to all levels of business. Still, this podcast is definitely best to listen to if you are a small business owner.

Content Marketing

The B2B Marketing Podcast for Leaders

Getting executives in another business to purchase your product has its own unique set of challenges but also provides lessons applicable to marketing to consumers and marketing in general. The B2B Marketing Podcast for Leaders mostly has interviews with B2B marketing experts, but its creators welcome anyone with a marketing interest to listen. The majority of episodes tackle market trends, issues and stories that relate to B2B and sometimes B2C marketing. Former marketing consultant Jeff Zelaya hosts and Triblio, a content marketing software company, sponsors it as their own clever form of B2B content marketing.

PNR with This Old Marketing Podcast – Content Marketing Institute

It makes perfect sense that the Content Marketing Institute would have one of the best content marketing podcasts out there. Hosts Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose use their experience and passion to discuss proven strategies, best practices, and emerging trends in content marketing.

Content Warfare Podcast – Ryan Hanley

Ryan believes that content marketing is a battle for the most attention on the Internet. Listening to him and the guests he brings on will be an important step to winning your own battle and growing your business.

Content Marketing 360 Podcast with Pamela Muldoon – Next Stage Media Group

Host Pamela Muldoon uses her experience working in a content marketing consulting firm in order to bring on great guests (like people from the aforementioned institute) and give valuable advice. Her copywriting experience also comes in handy when offering helpful tips. Make sure to subscribe if you want full access to this content!

The Content Marketing Podcast – Rachel Parker

This weekly podcast with host Rachel Parker has over 70 episodes available for free on iTunes! You’ll be lucky to find more content than that. Rachel comes to you from the Resonance Content Marketing Team of which she is founder and CEO.

New Rainmaker with Brian Clark

Making it rain isn’t just something that rappers do in strip clubs and music videos. Host Brian Clark takes the phrase and puts in it a marketing context by giving advice about every element of digital and content marketing. Brian engages his listeners more than most podcasts since each post has a comment section where people can discuss. He is great about replying to people and answering their questions!

Social Media Marketing

Social Pros Podcast – Convince and Convert

You can download this weekly podcast via iTunes, Stitcher, FeedBurner, PodBean, and the site itself. This is the place for insight into the world of social media and how to market platforms from the ubiquitous Facebook to the often underrated Google Plus. The hosts offer statistics, case studies, and advice from social media expert guests so you’ll know how to up your game as well!

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is a renowned social media marketing expert who brings great guests on her show such as Michael Stelzner (we’ll get to him in a second). She teaches entrepreneurs how to refine their social media marketing strategy by discussing promotion on Facebook and Twitter, video marketing on YouTube, and many other topics.

Social Media Podcast with Michael Stelzner – The Social Media Examiner


Michael discusses a different element of social media every week and gives expert advice whether it’s how to deal with trolls, whether or not you should shut down comments, or more general topics like LinkedIn as a publishing platform or the value of Google analytics.

The Inside Social Media Podcast – Rick Mulready

Rick Mulready brings on stellar guests who have spearheaded social media strategies for colossal brands such as Taco Bell, Coca Cola, GE, Ford, and more. He helps tell their stories so you can learn from their triumphs and mistakes and imitate their successful tactics on a smaller scale.


SEO 101 – Web Master Radio

This weekly (most of the time) podcast discusses everything SEO and will be useful whether you are a novice or a professional. Hosts Ross Dunn and John Carcutt try not to overwhelm their audience with technical details while still discussing complex topics like ethics within Google, lobbying for SEO rankings, and how Bing is competing (we certainly don’t know).

E Web Style Podcast – Podomatic

These guys are all about ranking number one and getting lots of conversions on your site. Hosts Chris Burres and Charles Lewis will talk about how other aspects of marketing such as social media and content combine to give you greater SEO. They also give lots of helpful tips on being cost effective, managing PPC, and much more.

Win the Web

Although win the web focuses on social media as well, we recommend it more for getting great advice on SEO. Part of delivering on their title is winning at SEO! You don’t have to believe us though since hosts Andrew Germer and Alan Bush have earned stellar ratings on iTunes!

Internet Marketing Podcast – Site Visibility

This UK podcast focuses on various aspects of Internet Marketing but definitely has a strong focus on SEO (after all, SEO is the most important part of site visibility). This team of experts consistently discusses SEO and SEO marketing subjects so you can can learn how to earn top rankings and get lots of conversions.

Email Marketing

McMethod Podcast

McMethod is all about teaching you how to increase your profits with email marketing and incorporate email marketing into an overall strategy. People praise host John McIntyre “The Autoresponder Guy” for his copywriting ability which really shines in his podcasts!

Vertical Response Podcast

Vertical Response CEO Janine Popick hosts this email marketing podcast! She gives quick tips on every aspect of email marketing such as how to reactivate people who aren’t opening your emails, how to segment and optimize your mailing lists, and how to ultimately grow sales.

Listen to the Pros so You Can Market Better

Now that you’ve seen your options, it’s time to pick one and start listening. Do you want to begin with marketing in general or go straight into a subtopic like social media? Maybe you’re an experienced entrepreneur or businessman already and are just looking to hear expert advice. You could always pick a bit of everything. Either way, this list is guaranteed to have something for every marketer out there!