StartIsBack++ For Windows 10

One of the new features in Windows 10 is the new Start menu. The all new Start menu offers the best ofWindows 7’s Start menu as well as the features that were introduced with Windows 8.

The left of the Start menu, although looks slightly different due to colors and new icons, functions similar to the Start menu in Windows 7. On the right-side, with default settings, tens of app tiles appear but the right-side of the Start can be made smaller by unpinning tiles.

Majority of Windows 10 users are happy with the new Start menu. For those who aren’t happy with the default look and feel, Microsoft has offered a number of options under Settings app. You can change the color of Start menu, remove most used apps, remove recently added groups, create app groups and name them, resize tiles, and more.



That said, a small number of users still prefer using Windows 7-style Start menu. As one can easily guess, users who have used Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 for significant amount of time are satisfied with Windows 10’s Start menu as it’s certainly better than the full-screen Start. It’s users who have upgraded from Windows 7 looking to enable classic Start menu in Windows 10.

Thanks to Windows enthusiasts and developers, there are a bunch of third-party Start menu programs available for Windows 10. When it comes to free Start menu, there is nothing better than the popular Classic Shell. But if you don’t mind shelling out a few dollars, there are some paid Start menu software available.

StartIsBack++ for Windows 10

We have already reviewed Star10 from Stardocs, a decent alternative to Windows 10’s original Start menu. In this article, we want to share a better Start menu software called StartIsBack++.

As some of you might remember, StartIsBack was first released when Microsoft released Windows 8 to the public. StartIsBack+ was released soon after the launch of Windows 8.1. StartIsBack++ is for Windows 10.



When it comes to looks, StartIsBack++ is certainly better than its competitors as the overall design goes very well with Windows 10’s new taskbar and design language. StartIsBack++ Start menu blends well with Windows 10’s UI, thanks to the use of modern-style icons on the right of the Start.



The ability to use 32×32 icons is one the highlights of StartIsBack++. The program also allows you use large Start button, a very welcome feature as the default Start button is really small.



As you might be able to make out from above images, modern blur (just like the original Windows 10 Start menu) is used to make StartIsBack++ elegant.

All-in-all, StartIsBack++ is another nice program for those who are impressed with the default Start menu in Windows 10. The software is not free but go for it as it’s not really expensive.



Visit the following page to download the latest version of StartIsBack++ for Windows 10. Note that the StartIsBack++ for Windows 10 is currently in beta stage. As mentioned before, this is not a free software.

Download StartIsBack++