T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 Free Gift For Early Preorders Cleared

T-Mobile started taking preorders early for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, but its rush recently backfired as customers were denied their free gifts.

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 comes bundled with a free gift, at the customer’s choice: a Gear Fit 2, a 236 GB microSD memory card, or a year’s worth of free Netflix subscription.

With T-Mobile kicking off preorders early, however, some customers were denied their free gifts on account that the purchase was not made within the promotional period. More specifically, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 promo started on Aug. 3, offering a choice of free gift to customers who preorder the flagship phablet by Aug. 28. T-Mobile, however, started preorders on Aug. 2 for some regions of the United States, and that was one day before the official promotion kicked into gear.

The specific issue has much to do with time zones. While the date was Aug. 3 once the clock struck 12 on the East Coast (EST), it was still Aug. 2 on the West Coast (PDT). Most carriers and retailers take this into account and start preorders at midnight PST, which is 3 a.m. EST.T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7

As T-Mobile did not take this into account, customers who preordered the Galaxy Note 7 while it was still Aug. 2 on the West Coast received an email from Samsung informing them that they do not qualify for the complimentary gift.

“Your purchase date is Aug. 2, 2016, which is not within our purchase period,” read Samsung’s emailed letter to customers.

The company initially said that it could not make any exceptions to the rule, but it finally changed its mind and will now allow early preorder customers to benefit from the promotion as well, even if the purchase was registered on Aug. 2.

Samsung has issued a new statement clarifying that its fulfillment agency will get in touch with customers who preordered the Galaxy Note 7 early from T-Mobile, the day before the promotion officially kicked off.

This makes sense, considering that customers were not really to blame because T-Mobile was too eager to kick off preorders. Buyers were told that they would get a free gift for their purchase, and it’s only fair to make good on that promise.

Samsung and T-Mobile have resolved the issue and early preorder customers who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 on Aug. 2 should now see their order status as “approved” for the promotional freebie.

“There was a minor error in our redemption system. This has been fixed and everyone who purchased their device within the promotion period will receive their device,” Samsung says in an emailed statement to Android Police. “Our fulfillment agency should be reaching out to affected customers over the next few days to confirm with them.”

Did you encounter this issue with your T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy Note 7 preorder? If so, drop by our comment section below and tell us if it’s now clear.

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