Turn On New Mail Notification Banner & Sound In Windows 10

The Mail app is one of the best pre-installed apps ship with Windows 10. Microsoft has been updating the Mail app on regular basis to add new features and improve performance.

With default settings, Windows 10 Mail app sends out desktop notification (banner notification) and plays a sound whenever there is a new mail in your inbox. The desktop notification appears at the lower right-corner of the desktop and automatically disappears after a few seconds.

turn-on-new-mail-notification-banner-and-sound-Windows-10-mail_ 1

If you’re not getting the desktop banner notification or sound notification for new mails, please refer to the given below directions to turn on or off new mail notification banner and sound in Windows 10.

Please note that this method is applicable only if you’ve added one or more email accounts to the Mail app in Windows 10.

Turn on notifications for the Mail app in Settings app

Windows 10 will not display new mail notification if notifications are disabled for the Mail app. So it’s important to make sure that notifications are allowed for the Mail app in Settings before turning on new mail notification in Mail app settings.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings app > System > Notifications & actions.

Step 2: Under Notifications section, make sure that Get notifications from apps and other senders option is turned on.


Step 3: Next, under Get notifications from these senders section, make sure that notifications are turned on for Mail app.


Turn on/off new mail notification banner or sound or both in Mail settings

Step 1: Open the Mail app. Click the Settings icon to see Settings pane.


Step 2: Click on Notifications to see notification settings.

turn on new mail notification banner and sound Windows 10 mail pic4

Step 3: Check the box labeled Show a notification banner to enable new mail notification banner. Likewise, if you wish to hear a sound when there is a new mail in the inbox, check Play a sound option.


As you can see in the picture above, you can enable new mail notification banner or sound for specific email accounts or all accounts. And if you don’t like to see new mails in Action Center, uncheck the option labeled Show notifications in the Action Center.

Important: Make sure that sound is not muted if you’re not hearing sound notification.